Debris Removal

Debris removal and disposal is what CrowderGulf is best known for, and rightly so. Our expert staff and large pool of subcontractors enable us to move millions of cubic yards of debris in a short amount of time.

Our debris removal services include:

Our attention to detail, accuracy, and thorough documentation ensures that our clients receive all state and federal disaster funds they are entitled to. We have answered the call of local and state governments in their most trying times with urgency, compassion, and resolve.

Disaster response and recovery

CrowderGulf has the ability to respond immediately following a disaster, effectively managing the debris removal, reduction, and disposal processes to put affected communities on their way to recovery. We are prepared to provide a full spectrum of support services beyond debris management.

Our disaster response and recovery services include:

We have decades of experience when it comes to quickly assembling and deploying the uniquely trained and experienced project teams, specialized equipment, and resources necessary for effective disaster and recovery response efforts.

Disaster support services

CrowderGulf has extensive experience in all phases of disaster response and recovery. We realize that many unforeseen needs may arise following a disaster.

Our disaster support services include:

We are prepared to provide a full spectrum of support services beyond debris management.

Marine operations

The high-tech equipment we use makes our extraction processes more efficient and less harmful to the environment than other methods. Instead of dragging or trawling an entire area, we can now pinpoint and target specific items—from something as small as a soda can to an object as large as an airplane. We have even located historic wrecks and archeological relics off the Galveston coast and submerged houses in the waters of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.
We have moved millions of cubic yards of sand to rebuild miles of protective dune lines in Louisiana and to close inlets in Florida and North Carolina. But there’s more to beach reclamation than simply moving sand from place to place. It often involves collecting, sifting, screening, and reconstructing one of the most delicate eco-systems on earth. We are always sensitive to the impact this process may have on an area and remain ever vigilant to return it to what nature had initially intended.

Coastal restoration

Our beaches and shorelines can be reshaped and even destroyed by natural disasters—leveled in a matter of hours. Replacing and rebuilding these areas may seem an insurmountable task, but for CrowderGulf it has become our crowning achievement.

Our coastal restoration services include:

Our commitment to pre-event services allows us to become involved in clients’ preparedness planning and training—key components that are vital to a timely and well-managed debris removal process.

Pre-event services

At CrowderGulf, we establish and maintain a solid working partnership with our clients, becoming an integral part of their disaster management team to ensure that all involved are better prepared when a disaster occurs.

Our pre-event services include:

We offer guidance related to the debris contract, management, and documentation processes and what can be done ahead of time to prepare for commencement of work. We have former FEMA management personnel on staff to provide technical assistance to clients.

Technical SERVICES

Disaster debris services and their subsequent costs are typically one of the first and foremost concerns of federal, state, and local governments. 

Our TECHNICAL services include:

Our personnel and subcontractors assigned to specific contractual duties that substantially impact environmental quality have their work continually evaluated by Quality Control Supervisors. All CrowderGulf employees and subcontractors, with duties partially or indirectly applicable to environmental protection, will have those duties evaluated daily, whether relating to noise, smoke, dust, traffic, drainage or general containment actions, or containment actions specifically related to hazardous materials.

Recycling and green initiatives

The vast quantity of debris produced by a natural or manmade disaster can create a huge recycling challenge. In our effort to protect our environment and support green initiatives, we pledge to make the maximum effort to recycle materials. All debris related operations are performed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and/or regulations.

Examples of some of our innovative recycling practices include:

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