Matt Lucas | Senior Project Manager
Mr. Lucas has over 25 years of extensive experience in debris clean up. He worked for the state of New Jersey and the New York Port Authority during the destruction of the world trade centers, and was instrumental in the construction of various logistical sites for the cleanup operations. In 2012 he was the Senior Project Manager managing clean-up operation for Hurricane Sandy and was instrumental in the right of way collections, PPDR, waterway debris removal, vessel recovery, and dredging ICW/marinas that were impacted. He also managed clean-up efforts in Raleigh, North Carolina and Fayetteville, North Carolina for hurricane Matthew this included right of way collection, set up and close out of temporary debris sites. Mr. Lucas was also involved in vessel recovery and savage operations Beaufort, South Carolina. He managed the hurricane Harvey clean up in Port Arthur, TX, which resulted in 1 million cubic yards of debris removed and properly disposed. More notably Mr. Lucas was the Sr. Project manager for Hurricane Michael which devastated Panama City, FL. Mr. Lucas had over sight of all right of way, ditches, PPDR clean up and managed six temporary debris manage sites, which resulted in 4 million cubic yards of debris removed from the city. He has owned and operated several business through his career. He has held a New Jersey A901 disposal license, a New Jersey electrical license, 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard License, and a CDL.



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