Lew Najor | Senior Project Manager
Robert (Lew) began work for CrowderGulf in 2017 following a 25 year career with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). While at the USACE, Robert held such positions as Project Manager and Construction Quality Control (CQC) Manager. Robert worked USACE projects for debris management services from 1993 – 2016. Robert’s industry knowledge of disaster and debris related projects with the USACE and civilian contracting companies has led to his in depth experience with removal and reduction, beach restoration, levee enlargement and buildup, operation Blue Roof projects, and flood control across the Gulf Coast.

In addition to his extensive industry background, Robert is certified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for Construction Quality Management for Contractors, and he is also certified by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation as an Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor. Furthermore, he holds a Class B certified driver’s license, and is a heavy equipment operator.

Robert brings to CrowderGulf his strong understanding of the USACE Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program. His experience and ability to provide damage assessment has been critical for evaluating the aftermath of disaster events in order to help Clients. His training and experience with debris and project management and his understanding of the complexity of CQC Management has been instrumental in the successful completion of many of CrowderGulf’s debris removal projects.



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