Joe Hayes | Project Manager
Joe Hayes grew up around the storm relief and disaster management industry. Combined with a strong background in general contracting, he is accustomed to providing the leadership and oversight to complete projects expediently, efficiently, and to the clients’ utmost satisfaction. In 2016, Joe joined CrowderGulf team as a field supervisor in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. In 2017, Joe was tasked as a project manager after Hurricane Irma tore through the state; successfully managing a number of projects in the South Florida area. Through these projects and the combined effort of the CrowderGulf team, 10 MILLION CUBIC YARDS of Hurricane Irma related debris were managed and disposed of; facilitating an extensive statewide recovery. In 2018, following the devastation of Hurricane Michael, Joe was tasked with managing the removal and disposal of debris in Jackson County, FL. Mr. Hayes, along with his CrowderGulf team were able to mitigate the challenges of such a large scale disaster while employing innovative support and leadership to provide relief to the devastated county. He and his team of field supervisors oversaw hundreds of assets and personnel; providing the logistics that resulted in over 2.5 MILLION CUBIC YARDS of debris being removed and disposed of in Jackson County alone. When Joe is not working in the field on an active project, he is the CrowderGulf representative for the South Florida area. Mr. Hayes is a South Florida native and an honors graduate of Florida Atlantic University.



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