Jesus Carretie | Program Manager
Jesus Carretie is a Floridian through and through and serves the CrowderGulf team in a variety of aspects including Data Management, Invoicing, Proposal Writing, Project Management, and Business Development. Mr. Carretie began his career in the Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery fields in 2014. During the severe Winter Storm that affected South Carolina in 2014, Mr. Carretie assisted in the data management and invoicing for the removal of over 150,000 hazardous limbs/trees and over 2 million cubic yards of disaster generated debris. Soon after this, his interest continued to grow in the industry which led Mr. Carretie to work in several facets of the Emergency Management world after Hurricane Hermine, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Michael, and most recently the 2020 Oregon Wildfires. Mr. Carretie always wanted to become well rounded in the EM industry which led him to pursue positions working as a Senior Grants Specialist in FEMA Public Assistance projects, Production Manager in a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery project, and Data & Invoice Specialist/Branch Director in several Debris Management projects. The Debris Management specific projects were the 2014 South Carolina Winter Storm (DR-4166-SC) (Debris Amounts referenced above), Hurricane Hermine (DR-4280-FL) (36,000 hazardous limbs/trees and 148,000 CY of debris), Hurricane Irma (DR-4377-FL) (200,000 hazardous limbs/trees and 10 million CY of debris), and the 2020 Oregon Wildfires (DR-4562-DR) (100,000 trees and 76,000 CY of debris – ongoing).



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