Subcontractor Registration

Are you interested in providing push crews immediately following a disaster?
Please note that push crews will be activated immediately following the storm to open road ways. Push crews will be paid an hourly rate for the first 72 work hours.

Item #1
Self Loader, 30cy-60cy capacity no trailer
Item #2
Self Loader 125cy-170cy capacity with trailer
Item #3
Tub Grinder 800-1200HP
Item #4
Horizontal Grinder 800-1200HP
Item #5
Service Trucks, w/fuel, tools
Item #6
Wheel Loader,50 hp. 1yd. Capacity (Cat 908 or equivalent)
Item #7
Wheel Loader,100 hp. 2yd. Capacity (John Deere 624 or equivalent)
Item #8
Wheel Loader,150 hp. 4yd. Capacity (John Deere 724 or equivalent)
Item #9
Mini Excavator 50-75hp, w/thumb or grapple (JD 85 or equivalent)
Item #10
Excavator, 120 hp, w/thumb or grapple (John Deere 160 or equivalent)
Item #11
Excavator, 170 hp, w/thumb or grapple (Cat 320 or equivalent)
Item #12
Excavator, 275 hp, w/thumb or grapple (Cat 330 or equivalent)
Item #13
Skid steer loader, 65 hp, w/ grapple (Cat 249 or equivalent)
Item #14
Skid steer loader, 75 hp, w/ grapple (Cat 279 or equivalent)
Item #15
Skid steer loader, 95 hp, w/ grapple (Cat 299or equivalent)
Item #16
Bucket Trucks up to 50 ft
Item #17
Bucket Trucks greater than 50 ft.
Item #18
Chipper, with 12 inch minimum
Item #19
Dozer, (D5 or equivalent)
Item #20
Dozer, tracked with root rake blade, D6 or equal
Item #21
Grader, Motor, 12 foot blade, 130-140 net Hp
Item #22
80 – 110 CY C&D Walking Floor
Item #23
80 – 110 CY Mulch/Chip Trailer
Item #24
Water Truck - min. 2,500 gals.
Item #25
Pick up Truck w/ Dump Trailer 15 – 20 yd3 capacity
Item #26
Trailer Mounted Flood Light Set with Generator Unit
Item #27
Low-bed trailer with tractor
Item #28
Truck, Pickup, .5 Ton
Item #29
Vac Trucks
Item #30
Item #31
Item #31
Item #32
White Goods Crews w/Freon recover equipment
Item #33
Mulch high tip bucket for wheel loader 8-15cy
Item #34
Air Curtain Burner, min. nozzle velocity of 8,800 ft/ min(100mph) and volume of 900 cf/min/linear ft
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Small Business Program Representation

When we respond to solicitations often one of the requirements of the solicitation is to indicate our intent to subcontract with small businesses and special categories of small businesses.

If your company is qualified and approved for representation as one of these special categories, please certify by writing “yes” beside the appropriate business categories, if NOT please write N/A across form. If yes to any of the following not related to company size, please provide a copy of all certifications.
Potential Subcontractor Requirements List

Potential Subcontractor Requirements List

As a potential CrowderGulf Subcontractor, please be aware of the following requirements:


  1. Minimum limits -
    • commercial auto ($1,000,000/per occurrence)
    • general liability ($1,000,000/per occurrence)
    • workman’s comp ($1,000,000/per occurrence)
  2. Insurance Certificates should be issued to CrowderGulf when Subcontractor is activated for a specific event. Certificate holders on your auto, general liability, and workman’s compensation policies should be listed as follows:
    1. CrowderGulf , 5629 Commerce Blvd E, Mobile, AL 36619
    2. The City or County where you are working. It will be stated in your Subcontractor Contract when you are activated.
  3. All subcontractors must furnish insurance certificates before the first weekly check will be issued. If for any reason CrowderGulf does not receive this documentation, it will result in termination or deduction of insurance from the weekly paycheck.
  4. All vehicles must have current proof of insurance in the truck at all times.


  1. A list of all personnel and subcontractors per job site, with names and phone numbers, will be made available to CrowderGulf. CrowderGulf reserves the right to terminate executed subcontract in the event of unauthorized second-tier subcontractors being used without prior consent of CrowderGulf.
  2. Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to use E-Verify as of September 8, 2009. Executive Order 12989 mandates the electronic verification of all employees working on any federal contract. The amended Executive Order reinforces the policy that the federal government supports a legal workforce. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows an employer, using information reported on an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to determine the eligibility of that employee to work in the United States. For additional information regarding the Employment Eligibility Verification System (E-Verify) program visit the following website: It shall be the Subcontractor’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations governing this program.
  3. Certified Payroll: Please remember that Most of our jobs will be certified payroll jobs, to be submitted back to us WEEKLY. There will also be a sample of Form WH-347 which is a template as required by the US Dept of Labor and can either be filled out by hand or can be used on a computer as well. Certified Payroll will be required in addition to Invoicing.
  4. A Subcontractor foreman or supervisor must be present with crews to provide oversight.

Equipment / Debris Hauling Trucks

  1. A list of all Subcontractor equipment, including debris hauling trucks, will be made available to CrowderGulf.
  2. All truck drivers must have a valid driver’s license and/or a CDL certification (if required).
  3. Vehicles must have current registration in the truck at all times.
  4. All vehicles, equipment, fuel, materials, parts, tires, and clean-up in work areas will be provided by Subcontractor at no cost to CrowderGulf.
  5. All trucks used to haul debris must be capable of rapidly dumping a load without the assistance of other equipment; if equipment is needed to unload, the equipment will be provided by the Subcontractor at no cost to CrowderGulf.
  6. Hand loading of debris hauling trucks will not be permitted under any circumstance.
  7. All trucks hauling debris must have a tailgate that will effectively contain the debris during the transport and permit the truck to be filled to capacity. Tailgates should meet FEMA requirements and should not be made from plastic mesh. Metal fence gate, turkey wire, or cattle wire can be used if approved by FEMA/City/County.
  8. Sideboards or other extensions to the truck bed may be allowed based on the requirements of the activated contract. Before equipping trucks with any type of extensions, please verify specs in writing with onsite CrowderGulf Project Manager.
  9. All equipment, including debris hauling trucks, must be serviced and maintained on a regular basis and must be checked for the following safety requirements:
    1. Tires appear in acceptable condition
    2. Brake lights work
    3. Turn signals work
    4. Reverse lights work
    5. Backup alarm working
    6. Horn working
    7. Any removable components (sideboards, tailgates, etc.) are secured
    8. Tailgate is properly secured, FEMA approved tailgate, and opens from the side
    9. No false bottoms, hidden tanks, or other load-altering devices are in place
  10. All trucks will be certified by City/County representative before hauling any loads.
    1. All trucks must be certified with an assigned number written on a placard along with the measured cubic yardage capacity of the truck. Placard will be placed on each side of the truck and in clear view for tower personnel.
    2. IF for any reason the cubic yards change, the truck MUST be recertified immediately, and a new certified number will be issued.
    3. All trucks must have a copy of the truck certification with the truck at all times.
  11. Subcontractor will assure that all loads will be transported without the threat of harm to the general public, private property, and public infrastructure.


  1. Subcontractor agrees to adhere to CrowderGulf’s written Safety / Health Policy.
  2. The Subcontractor shall provide sufficient signing, flagging, and barricading to ensure the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at all debris removal, reduction, and/or disposal site(s). All traffic safety signs and equipment will be furnished by Subcontractor at no cost to CrowderGulf and be in accordance with the latest Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Device, to include but not limited to:
    • Traffic signs (ROAD WORK AHEAD, ONE LANE ROAD AHEAD, FLAGMAN SYMBOL, etc.) must be in acceptable condition and not homemade
    • One flagger must be provided for every truck unless otherwise stated in the Master Agreement or stopping traffic, then two or more may be required.
    • One orange vest and one hard hat for each ground crew member
    • Adequate cones to place one per 20 linear feet of work zone
    • Two stop/slow paddles for flagmen
    • First Aid Kit
    • A fully functional fire extinguisher for all vehicles
  3. Chainsaw operators must wear proper personal protective equipment:
    • Hand, foot, leg (chaps), eye, face, hearing, and ear protection for chainsaw operator
    • Orange highway hard hat, vest, cap, and shirt for chainsaw operator
    • No-loose fitting clothing can be worn.
  4. Subcontractor agrees to adhere to CrowderGulf’s written Drug / Alcohol Policy.

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