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It’s impossible to overstate the emphasis that CrowderGulf places on safety. The company’s approach to safety is clear and direct. Plainly put, CrowderGulf believes that all accidents are preventable. We are committed, even in a stressful disaster response environment, to providing a safe working environment.

Safety is Critical to Company Culture

safety trainig meeting

CrowderGulf’s culture of safety is emphasized throughout every phase of operations using a multi-faceted approach that incorporates leadership, training, reinforcement and follow-through.


CrowderGulf’s dedicated safety director oversees all aspects of safety and reports directly to the General Manager.


CrowderGulf has developed a comprehensive, in-house safety training system that allows the company to tailor its safety training specifically to the environment in which employees and subcontractors will be working. The company’s mobile command and training center allows for site-specific safety training to be provided in-the-field at any location.

  • OSHA 30 Hour Certification: All CrowderGulf field supervisors hold current 30-hour OSHA certification
  • OSHA Disaster Site Worker Procedures: CrowderGulf is adopting this voluntary OSHA training program for field personnel


During projects, daily safety briefings - referred to as “tool box” meetings - are mandatory. This constant reinforcement of safety practices and knowledge-sharing empowers employees to make the best possible decisions specific to the conditions in which they are working.


CrowderGulf recognizes that the key to safety is to always remain focused on continual improvement. The company is committed to proactive review and follow-through as key components in eliminating safety hazards before an incident occurs.

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