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Marine Operations

CrowderGulf’s Marine Operations experience includes high-tech marine surveying as well as large-scale marine salvage and recovery services.  

Marine Surveying

sonarDebris recovery in coastal and inland waterways requires a unique approach, and CrowderGulf is pioneering and implementing techniques that few in the industry can offer. By using some of the latest technology, like hyper-sensitive sonar arrays, we have made great strides in underwater surveying, identification, and plotting.

The high-tech equipment we use makes our extraction processes more efficient and less harmful to the environment than other methods. Instead of dragging or trawling an entire area, we can now pinpoint and target specific items - from something as small as a soda can to an object as large as an airplane.

With a clear picture of what lies beneath the surface, we identify and accurately locate all kinds of objects - from washing machines and refrigerators to furniture and automobiles. We have even located historic wrecks and archeological relics off the Galveston coast and submerged houses in the waters of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Marine Salvage and Recovery

marine recoveryWhen a disaster pushes debris into bodies of water, the effects can be devastating. Homes, boats, cars, furniture, anything normally found on land, can end up in some of our most sensitive and pristine waterways. Even the simplest household items, if left alone, can become toxic and eventually destroy entire eco-systems in lakes, streams, bays, and oceans.

At CrowderGulf, our goal is to quickly and delicately remove any objects deemed as harmful to these areas while causing as little impact as possible. This often means gaining access to places like marshes and wetlands without the use of large equipment. Simple manpower with boot to ground often becomes the way to get the job done.

In other instances we are asked to remove very large pieces of debris from canals and waterways, hundreds of pieces at a time. We are able to determine what lies beneath the surface without the use of divers. We can accurately identify the debris and pinpoint its location in order to quickly and safely remove it.