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Coastal Restoration

coastal restorationOur beaches and shorelines can be reshaped and even destroyed by natural disasters - leveled in a matter of hours, despite years of Mother Nature’s hard work. Inlets can be cut through islands, waterways clogged, and dunelines leveled.

Replacing and rebuilding these areas may seem an insurmountable task, but for CrowderGulf it has become a crowning achievement. For example, we have moved millions of cubic yards of sand to rebuild miles of protective dunelines in Louisiana and to close inlets in Florida and North Carolina.

But beach reclamation isn’t just moving sand from place to place. It often involves collecting, sifting, screening, and reconstructing one of the most delicate eco-systems on earth. We are always sensitive to the impact this process may have on an area and remain ever vigilant to return it to what nature had initially intended.

Coastal restoration services provided by CrowderGulf include:

  • Beach Replenishment
  • Wetlands Restoration 
  • Beach Sand Screening & Replacement
  • Oil Spill Cleanup

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